Mélanie Cormier (2015-2016)

Melanie Cormier


Mélanie graduated from the Police Foundations program at the College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) Dieppe Campus in the summer of 2015. While at the campus, she served as the Student Council President. Melanie has demonstrated excellent social awareness and service by launching a campus food bank, by being the youth representative for the South-East region on the Caisse Populaire’s community grants committee (where she also participated in the regional branch merger discussions), and by co-developing a Moncton Headstart project to assist children in need. Proud of her experiences and accomplishments at CCNB, Mélanie recognizes that many college students continue to experience serious financial difficulties, and hopes to help out in this regard by joining the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.