Lois Scott


Lois Frame 2023 

Lois has significant clinical and business development leadership experience in public and private health care organizations with a solid understanding of public policy and government relations. Throughout her career, Lois has been recognized as a transformative leader as well as a global pioneer of telehealth services.

Lois has many years of governance experience serving as Board Chair and Committee Member for many not-for-profit boards, agencies, and crown corporations spanning many different sectors. Amongst others, these include the Greater Moncton Economic Council, NBCC, Premier’s Innovation Advisory Council, Friends of the Moncton Hospital Foundation, and the National Research Council. Currently she serves as Board Chair of Moncton Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae; Board Member and Governance Committee Chair of Elementary Literacy Inc., and Board Director and Governance and Quality Committees Member of IWK Health Centre.

Lois has received several awards for leadership within the nursing community, including the Canadian Nursing Association's Centennial Award, Nursing Association of New Brunswick's Nursing Leadership Award, and Dalhousie’ University’s Faculty of Nursing’s “Inspiring Minds” Award. In 2018, Lois was awarded the NBCC Alumni Recognition Award for her achievements and contribution to post-secondary education. In honour of her achievements and contribution to the social, cultural, and economic well-being of the province and its residents, the Province of New Brunswick invested Lois to the Order of New Brunswick in 2019.

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