Liane Roy

2016 Liane Roy

A dynamic woman of action, a leader, and a unifying force, Liane Roy has been President and Chief Executive Officer of New Brunswick's Francophone Community College network (CCNB) since August 2010. During that time, she has drawn on a wealth of experience in the public and private sectors that spans a wide range of fields: education, youth, health, wellness, institution building, and the Francophonie. Through her work in the governmental sphere, she has overseen complex issues at the provincial, national, and international levels. She has extensive expertise in change management, organizational transformation and planning, as well as in financial management. She is also highly skilled in people management.

Mrs. Roy draws inspiration from her training in social work and education and from her administrative experience to manage and facilitate the transformation of the CCNB network into a more modern and independent organization where the entrepreneurial spirit is cultivated.