Derek Burchill

2022 Derek Burchill


Derek graduated Rothesay Collegiate School in 1965. He started is career at the Bank of Nova Scotia as an Accountant, Loan Officer. He then moved on to work in Sales Marketing at Burchill Plywood Ltd.  before becoming the owner of Harriman, Burchill Insurance Brokerage. In 2011, he joined The Huestis Group as a Commercial Account Executive, where he is working today. Between 2008 and 2012, Derek also served as City Councillor, Finance Chairman.

Being an active member in service of his community has always been important for Derek. The long list of Derek’s involvement and service started in 1974 as president of the Miramichi Jaycees and continued in 1997 as vice-president of Miratech for 4 years. Derek then became President of the Newcastle Business Association for 2 years, Vice President of the Miramichi Chamber of Commerce for 2 years, President of Nelson Snowmobile Club from 1997 to 2004, Chairman of the White Gold Festival, President of the Miramichi Golf Club for a decade, Commodore of Miramichi Boating and Yacht Club, Chairman of Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships, Building Chairman of Ritchie Wharf Commission, Campaign Manager for Bill Fraser MLA from 2005 to present, Director of Enterprise Miramichi,  Director of Miramichi Landings, Chairman of RDV 2017 Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships, Council Representative of Miramichi Airport Commission and President of Miramichi Airport Commission still to this day.

For all his involvement, Derek was awarded the Downtown Achievement Award for Town of Newcastle 1993 and the BIA Award for top Business Improvement Area Program 1993. He was named Outstanding Jaycee Unit President in Canada 1974, awarded Senatorship Canada Jaycees 1975 #23518 and The Paul Harris Fellowship by Newcastle Rotary Club 2015 for Community Service Interests.

When he is not working for the community, Derek has many interests such as photography, video editing, drones, economic empowerment, politics and model ship building.

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